Swagelok Training Seminar

When tackling the design and build of high pressure pneumatic systems, it is critical to implement best practice methods and keep personnel safe at all times. A leaky fitting or blow out can shut down an entire operation in an instant resulting in unnecessary down time as well as costly repairs. These challenges are met in industry every day so we are excited to be working with Swagelok to advance our second generation air supply system safely and reliably.

Swagelok recently hosted a hands on training session with the team, providing the opportunity to learn about the correct method of installing Swagelok tube fittings which will be used extensively in our new pod. It was great to chat with their engineers about Hyperloop technology and the importance of student design teams as well as learn more about tubing applications in industry.

As the evening progressed we were pleased to give the guys a tour of the pod and officially place their logo on our pod. We are extremely grateful for their support and look forward to working with Swagelok, drawing on their expertise in pneumatic systems as we continue to develop our technology!

How could you leverage the use of tube fittings in your high pressure application?


June 12th, 2018


Paradigm's Transition to an Electric Propulsion System 

We have recently performed a team-wide design review of our vehicle, and one of the most substantial outcomes was a decision to switch our propulsion system from cold gas to electric-motor based. We made this change to bring us back to one of our core goals: making the most functional Hyperloop vehicle possible.

While cold gas presents the opportunity of high speed at low weights, along with unrivaled acceleration, electric motor propulsion presents a much more scalable and realistic solution in Hyperloop development. Additionally, electric motors are well developed and are becoming pervasive in modern society, whereas cold gas land propulsion is used in limited applications, and is almost entirely untested in vacuum tubes on earth.

Where the team focuses on developing a scalable and feasible Hyperloop pod that can transport passengers and goods safely, the approach that is inherently safer and more reliable was the logical choice. 


June 6th, 2018